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Welcome to Equator EV, where we offer you the opportunity to drive off in a newly converted electric vehicle (EV) and begin your eco-friendly journey. Our cutting-edge conversion process allows you to transform your existing vehicle into an environmentally conscious, electric-powered machine. Discover the benefits of choosing a converted EV and how you can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Understanding Your Vehicle's Motor Type

Before embarking on the conversion journey, it’s essential to understand your vehicle’s current motor type. Electric vehicles come in various configurations, including Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV). Each motor type has its unique advantages and features.

The Conversion Process

We've developed a conversion process that's tailored to your vehicle's specific motor type. Here's how it works:

For HEV to BEV Conversion:
Motor Upgrade: For Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), we replace the internal combustion engine with a high-capacity electric motor and install a larger battery.

For ICE to BEV Conversion:
Motor and Battery Installation: In the case of traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, we install a brand-new electric motor and a powerful battery.

For PHEV to BEV Conversion:
Battery Upgrade: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) can benefit from a battery upgrade to extend their electric-only range.

Expert Technicians

Our team of expert technicians is highly trained in EV conversion, ensuring a seamless and high-quality transformation of your vehicle.

The Process

The conversion process is well-documented and includes:

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